yelp-widget-admin-screenshotWelcome to the Yelp Widget Pro Demo Site

Yelp Widget Pro allows you to easily integrate Yelp content into your WordPress website using an easy to use and intuitive widget and shortcode. The Premium version features reviews, Google maps, shortcodes and more configuration options and settings. The open source version is available on free of charge.

This demo website displays the functionality of Yelp Widget Pro Premium and demonstrates various uses of the plugin. The output on this website uses the plugin’s widget and shortcodes. To get started with Yelp Widget Pro Premium please check out the plugin documentation.

Yelp Widget Pro Premium Features

  • Yelp Business Listings
  • Display Yelp reviews
  • Built-in Yelp star rating filter
  • Google Map shortcode
  • Google Maps v3 API (No API key required!)
  • Cache API Requests
  • Nofollow links for SEO
  • Open outbound links in new window
  • Disable Title output
  • Disable plugin CSS for custom themeing
  • Lightweight plugin footprint
  • Conditional script loading
  • Many advanced display configurations
  • Excellent support and documentation

Please note that the list above is not all inclusive. There are many additional features within Yelp Widget Pro and the plugin can be integrated nicely into any theme using either the standard packaged theme or custom CSS. What are you waiting for? Enhance your website with Yelp business listings, reviews, Google Maps and more…

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